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NRIC/Passport is compulsory. If it is not available right now, you can send it later via email to sales@njoipromo.com Cross the copy with "FOR ASTRO/NJOI USE ONLY".

Important notice:

  1. Our verification team will manually verify your submission for registration.
  2. After verification, installer will contact you within 72 hours to set appointment for installation.
  3. Equipment fee shall be paid directly to the installer during installation.
  4. To follow up on your registration status, please contact us.

28 Free TV Channels

20 Free Radio Stations

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With Njoi Prepaid you can watch premium content at the comfort of your own home starting from RM1 per day

About NJOI

One-off Equipment Fee:

• RM385* for refurbished decoder

• RM450* for new decoder

*Price is inclusive of GST & RM100 installation fee

Everything you need to know about NJOI

1What is NJOI?
Launched in December 2011, NJOI is Malaysia’s first subscription-free satellite TV service. NJOI gives customers in Malaysia immediate access to 48 TV and radio channels, comprising life learning, information and entertainment programmes for a one-time payment, with no monthly subscription required.
2 What is the difference between Astro and NJOI?
With NJOI and NJOI Prepaid, customers can enjoy subscription-free satellite TV which provides pay-as-you watch services at an affordable price with no recurring subscription fees or contractual obligations. On the other hand, Astro is a subscription-based satellite TV that provides its customers to experience the latest premium services including PVR, HD as well as Astro Go.
3Is there a warranty for the decoder? If yes, how long is the warranty?
Yes, the decoder has 12 months warranty from the time the box is activated Note: The remote control is a consumable item and has no warranty
4What is included in the NJOI set?

Upon registration, customers will be provided with the following:

1 x Refurbished Decoder box / Decoder box
1 x Remote Control Unit
1 x Refurbished Outdoor satellite dish
1 x Smart Card
RM95 worth of selected Njoi Prepaid channels**

The channels below will be offered for 30 days:

  1. Mustika Pack (Astro Warna, Astro Citra & Astro Bella)

  2. Ying Shi Pack (Celestial Movies, TVB Xing He & Astro Shuang Xung)

  • Sports Pack 1 (Astro Arena & Astro Supersport 4)
  • Sports Pack 2 (Astro Arena & Astro Supersport 2)

**The channels below will be offered for 7 days:

  • National Geography Wild
  • Animal Planet
5 Is the NJOI decoder HD enabled?

Only B.yond boxes are HD enabled. Please check your set-up-box serial number to determine if your box is HD enabled box. The serial numbers below are boxes which are HD enabled.

  • 95888TAXXXXXXX
  • 95888TBXXXXXXX
  • 95888TCXXXXXXX

Please ensure that your HD enabled box is connected to a HDMI cable to receive channel in HD quality.

6 Can an NJOI decoder record programmes?
No, NJOI decoder does not have the service to record programme

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